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About Me

My photography journey has been just that--a journey. I bought a camera on a whim and sat on my bedroom floor with the manual and took pictures of my cat for hours (several very frustrating hours). I thought after that first day I'd be good to go. Turns out I was very wrong. Since that day I've been on a journey that has made me cry, made me want to quit, made me irritated and impatient. But on the good days, when the hard work pays off, it has brought me insurmountable joy. And that's why I'm still here, camera in hand, ready to roll!

I want to freeze time for you in a world where time slips by too fast. I want to capture the magic in the good things so that you can hold on to them a little (or a lot) longer. Whether you've just brought home a newborn, you're engaged, your eldest is graduating, you're carrying a new life in your belly, or you're just proud to be you--I'm here for you. Let's experience raw, beautiful life together so you can cherish it indefinitely. 

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